Volton Electric Bicycles – The Better eBike

Volton Ride Bicycle

Better Design, Better Parts, Better Service. Ride Volton – The Better eBike™

Volton Bicycle has built the better eBike since 2011. Volton models are designed from the ground up to be the most exhilarating electric bicycle on the road or trail. Our low-profile frame designs are purpose built with parts rated for our top-rated performance and to give riders confidence and the capability to ride wherever they point their Volton.

The Volton Advantage – Performance and Design at Affordable Prices

We design Volton bikes to confidently handle the demands of high powered eBiking. Every part of a Volton Bicycle model is selected for performance and design.

Top-Rated Parts

Feel confident while you ride a Volton built with quality, performance parts from Maxxis, Shimano, Avid and Panasonic.

Industry’s best wheel builds. Your bike is only as good as your wheels, and we spare no expense in our trail rated wheel sets – build with quality sealed hubs, rims and tires.

Top-Rated Performance

48 volt and up to 16 amp hour  batteries from Panasonic. The power and size to get you to the top and back with confidence.

Up to 1000w of motor power. Throttle activated and smooth torque sensing mid-drives, Volton bikes have.

Top-Rated People

With over 15 years building bicycles, and over 5 years manufacturing electric bikes, we stand behind Volton and the benefits of bicycling and ebiking.

We handle all sales and process final assembly and quality control from our Chicago headquarters. Have a question about a bicycle? Call or send an email and expect to hear from us.  Need a part? Let us know and it’ll be there in a day or two.

Whether you deal with Volton directly or one of our authorized dealers, know you have a dedicated source for information on Volton Bicycles.

“Good Looks, Great Performance, Greatest Value”
It has been our motto since 2011, when we first decided that we wanted to improve the ebiking experience. We continue to build Volton Bicycle models with better parts, on better designs, at better prices than the competition. And we are grateful for all our past and future riders for choosing Volton Bicycles to experience The Better eBike.

Ride on, Ride Volton. 

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