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Volton Bicycles was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2011.

Our vision is to establish Volton electric bicycles as a simple and affordable alternative method of transportation and to get riders outside riding bicycles. Whether you are a daily commuter, a student, a delivery person, rehabilitating an injury, or are just looking for a fun, new way to explore the great outdoors, we are passionate about developing and providing electric bicycles for you to use as a exhilarating alternative of mobility.

Volton Bicycles was created after receiving very positive feedback on a power assisted electric bicycle developed for a founders father who underwent heart surgery and wanted an alternative to rehabilitation confined to indoor stationary equipment. This bicycle provided a great opportunity for him to be mobile and exercise while enjoying the beautiful outdoor bike-ways on a fun new form of transportation. The positive gains this bike provided and the great response we received motivated us to further explore the many benefits electric bicycles can provide.

With years of having fun on bikes and opening up a shop focused on cross country and down-hill mountain biking in Fort Collins, Colorado in 2003, the Volton team branched out and continued the 34 tradition of viewing bicycling, which now includes ebikes, an inclusive activity for all to enjoy.

The Early (pre ebike) Days

The Early Days 
from left Joe, Will and Alex. photo: W.Owens

Watching the response from those first electric bike rides and getting requests to build more electric bikes made me consider electric bikes as a functional alternative to what was available and advocate for bicycling for health and transportation.

Today, we continue to dedicate ourselves to raising awareness of electric bicycles and pride ourselves in only offering better eBikes and custom conversion services, built with superior parts and featuring the power and control to ride wherever the trip takes you.

Enjoy the Ride!

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