Before You Buy An eBike

Consider all of your options and make sure you’ll be riding a better eBike, before you buy an ebike. See why riders choose Volton to ride to work, school, tow the kids, pickup groceries, and explore trails across the country.

The cost of your new eBike can be a significant purchase.

After all the ads and low and high prices and more research, you want to ride a quality bike – An electric bike that looks good, has the parts and features that will keep you riding and having a fun, mile after mile, season after season.

Performance Specs, Value Pricing – Ride Volton and Get More for Your Money

Better battery, brakes, motors, suspension, and wheels. All in Volton designed frameworks. See how our “all-arounder” town and trail Volton Alation 500 lines up against the competition

Superior Support – Assembly and Maintenance Network

We offer at home assembly, white glove delivery, and knowledgeable maintenance service in most metro areas of the country.

Need a part, accessory or looking for eBike advice. Volton offers support, online and over the phone, from our Chicago shop since 2011.

A Dedicated Team, Dedicated to Cycling

From our early bike shop roots, building and selling mountain bikes, to our devotion to Volton and supplying fine electric bicycles, we are dedicated to a future of bicycles and ebikes being a major force in how people move and stay active.
Road 34 Bike Shop
The Early (pre ebike) Days. Joe (founder of Volton), Will and Alex. photo: W.Owens

We know cycling, and we are here to help you when you need it. We love to ride, and we want you to love it to.

Volton Bicycles wants you to ride a better bike.

Since 2011 we have riders riding in comfort and style on well-designed Volton electric bike models built with quality parts. Better performance, parts, strength, and service. On the road and on the trail, you know it’s Volton Bicycles.

Joe and Ryan exploring trails on a Alation 500
Joe and Ryan exploring trails on a 2013 Alation 500. August 2019
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