Volton Bicycles affordable eMTB – the Tracker and A-Trail

After almost 2 years of planning and design, Volton is scheduling the release of the industry’s best built affordable eMTBs available at an affordable price. The Volton Tracker, a 27.5 plus hard tail electric mountain bike, and the A-TRAIL, a performance built, dual-suspension eMTB, is scheduled to begin shipping in early 2018.

That’s right, we aren’t releasing one top performing electric mountain bike but two models, to make sure that you’ll have the proper trail capable electric mountain bike to feel confident while exploring the paths less traveled.’

What did we do to build our affordable eMTB? We applied the latest in torque sensing motor technology, fitted a large capacity 48v 16ah battery pack, and spec’d the component kit with parts manufactured to the handle the demands of trail riding. that are priced well above the prices for Volton’s best eMTB models.

Whether you find yourself experiencing new alpine single track, exploring backwoods trail systems, hauling tools for trail maintenance, or scouting new hunting grounds, be sure to know that your Volton eMTB is up for the challenge and demands to ride on.

When I started building my first mountain bike, a 1999 Kona Roast, to excel under the rigors of Rocky Mountain single track descents almost 20 years ago, I never would have thought that the trip would have me building a better ebike for trail and off road enthusiasts.

Soon a well-built Volton electric mountain bike fitted with high performance components will be shipping to a shop or a friend near you for an affordable price.

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Ride on, Ride Volton

Joe Marchfield

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