The Best Scrambler eBike Out There

Volton Demon Street eBike

Volton Electric Bicycles newest electric bike model brings a modernized look to the scrambler style ebike models out on the road today. 

Delivering up to 1200w of motor power in the 48v system, a taller saddle height, full air suspension, and hih output lighting, the Demon brings a unique look, well spec'd parts kit, and plenty of power making it one of the best scrambler style electric bikes on the market.

What is a Scrambler Electric Bike

A scrambler-style electric bike combines the retro aesthetics of a classic scrambler motorcycle with the modern functionality of an electric bicycle. It is designed to provide an off-road riding experience while incorporating environmentally friendly electric propulsion.

What Makes the Demon the Best Scrambler Style eBike on the Market

Scrambler Frame

The Demon, from Volton Electric Bicycles, features a sport scrambler frame design with a rugged and robustconstruction made of tubular aluminum. 

Cast Wheels and Integrated Electric Motor

The Cast wheel kit and integrated motor assembly offers

strong spokeless design to put the power to the pavement and eliminates spoke breakage.

On the current 48v platform the 500w motor outputs 1200w of peak power through the 20x4in cast wheel set


Demon Battery

48v17.5ah packs 840 watt hours of power. With an estimated 20-40 miles per charge, the Demon delivers some of the best range on scrambler style ebikes in the market.

Demon Brakes

The Demon is freaky fast, and Volton spares no expense when it comes to stopping power. Smooth and stable hydraulic brakes, front and rear, deliver confident braking whenever you need. 

A functioning tail light brightens when the brakes are active alerting trailing riders and commuters.

Demon Suspension

Steering and suspension parts deliver riding feedback and

benefit comfort, confidence and traction. With triple clamp front air suspension and a high pressure air shock for the rear triangle the Demon is always responding and smoothing out the bumps and dips in the road and on the trail. 

Demon Lighting

With a 900 lumen front lamp capable of lighting up a

wide lane, ride confidently at night and signal to travelers ahead that youre riding.

The rear frame mounted tail light is functional to brake application and will illuminate when the brakes are applied day or night. With the headlamp on, the rear running lights offer 180 degrees of brake light visibility. 
The Demon delivers a unique scrambler-style electric bike charm of a retro motorcycle design with the eco-friendly advantages and versatility of an electric bicycle. With the heavy duty parts offering an exciting, confident and sustainable street and off-road riding experience.
Ride the Demon. Ride Volton Electric Bicycles

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