Electric Bicycles for Sale

Are You Looking for an Electric Bike for Sale? 

Whether you're near our electric bike factory in Chicago, seaside in Northeast Maine, commuting to work in San Diego, or anywhere in between, Volton Electric Bicycles have been a trusted source for quality made electric bikes for sale since 2011. 

Looking for an electric bike for sale near me

With a selection of electric bikes for everyone and everywhere, riders ride Volton electric bikes for commuting, electric cargo, electric mountain and custom conversions to ride farther, have fun, and get where they want to go faster. 

US Based Assembly and Support 

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Contact Volton today and talk bikes, batteries, and having fun on a bike ride today!

Better Parts & Performance 

The Volton crew rides bikes, and builds bikes that they want to ride. Always.

We dont assemble Volton models with bottom shelf parts, and no plastic parts (where we can avoid it) are installed. We only use parts that are up to the standards of Volton power and performance for daily riding, whether that be on the road, and on the trail. 

Air Suspension. Hydraulic Brakes. Aluminum Cast Drive Train. Trail-strength Wheelsets. Bright Lamps.... You get the idea....

Better parts ride better, last longer, and give the rider the confidence and comfort to ride longer and more often. 

Best Priced Electric Bikes under $2000

Since we packed up the first Volton Ease Cruiser eBike in 2011, and the hundreds of electric  we sent out since , Volton is a value brand for riders looking for an electric bike for sale that meets the perfect balance of quality, power and price. 

Electric Bike for Sale


Volton Electric Bicycles Factory Morton Grove IL

Volton Electric Bicycles is employee owned and operated and can be reached through voltonbicycles.com, or via phone at 855 486 4VOLTON



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