Volton A-Trail eMTB, Bafang Ultra eBike Motor

A Trail with Ultra eBike Motor

The A-Trail with Ultra eBike Motor is Finally Coming Together.

Well the time is here and the first batch of frames are ready to rock and roll. Making this frame was a test in patience as it took about 2.5x longer than we planned….The ride was great on version 1 and 1.5 but even better on version2! The time to refine was worth it.

The A Trail eMTB is made to explore any section of trail with confidence. The A-Trail motor’s 350w or 750w nominal watts demand proper components of which we carefully selected.

The 350w Max motor kicks out a smooth and robust level of power but the Ultra ebike motor is a beast! Both motors are torque activated for smooth power output, and responsive rider control under foot.

Volton A Trail eMTB Wheel

Better parts, better performance, better prices.

Resist the allure of second-rate, off-the-shelf frame designs featuring the Ultra motor.

Volton strives to offer a finely tuned machine, no matter which Volton model you decide to ride. The A-Trail demands parts to stand up to the power of the motor system and rigors of trail riding, and a quality build from the tires up is what you’ll get.

No bottom shelf or commodity bike parts that you’ll find on the lower cost ebike brands are fitted on this machine – sealed oversized hubs with 12 and 15mm axles, 35mm rims from Alex Rims, big hydraulic brakes from Tektro, Rockshox Recon and Monarch suspension kit and steering components from Truvativ.


Bafang Ultra eBike


The 750w ships as a class 2/3 – featuring a throttle* and torque sensing pedal assist – we will also be fitting the frame in a 350w class 3 version which will comply with a growing number of local pedal assist trail access guidelines. Same great design and parts in a road, parks, and trail friendly package at a more affordable price. 

When you want to ride on, ride Volton

Joe Marchfield

*-Throttle is removable and will not effect the functions of the Ultra torque sensing pedal assist system.

**- ebike access is regulated at the federal, state and local level. It is important to know your local laws and rules of the road when riding your ebike – refer to your local vehicle laws for more information on what and where you can ride. For more information regarding current and future legislation visit People for Bikes.

NOTE FOR ELECTRIC MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDERS: State vehicle codes do not apply to electric mountain bike access on motorized and non-motorized trails typically used for hiking, biking, and other singletrack or doubletrack trail experiences. eMTB access on singletrack is different than access to paved and soft surface bike lanes and bike paths; eMTBs are not allowed everywhere traditional mountain bikes are; and on federal, state, county and local trails, eMTB access varies significantly. Always consult with your local land manager for access questions.

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