Powerful dual suspension ebikes are a blast

Powerful dual suspension ebikes

With several inches of snow on the ground for a couple weeks, we had an itch to get out and ride one of our newest ebikes in snow. With a free day to get out and ride and a decent day to boot, I saddled up.  All Volton bikes are fun to ride… but powerful dual suspension ebikes are a blast to ride.

Riding Volton Electric Bicycles in Snow

Riding Volton Electric Bicycles in Snow

The A-Trail, with its 3 inch wide tires and solid wheel set, aptly took the snow by storm. All trees and branches, hidden by the snow, were quickly absorbed by the Recon and Monarch suspension. The power of the 750w Ultra motor was able to climb steep hill sides with ease and the Chronicle tires held on through turns and decents. What a ride!

As a flood of uninspired ebikes featuring dual suspension with weak linkage and off the bottom shelf frame geometry are hawked online, I am proud that Volton continues to offer unique and purpose built ebike builds up to the challenge of what a eMTB should be.

How to Get your very own A-Trail

We did a quick run of our eMTB A-Trail and they quickly sold out. If you’re around Chicago looking to test ride and see the performance and finer details of a Volton, please call and plan a ride. We plan on shipping the A-Trail eMTB in 350w and 750 soon.

Check out the full details of our Volton A-Trail and Ride a Better eBike

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